Unlympics at InCUBATE
January 6, 2009, 5:34 AM
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Dispatch from InCUBATE City Artist-in-Residence Anne Elizabeth Moore

Greetings Supporters, Friends, and Future Unlympic Athletes!

As you surely already know, a highly organized, internationally recognized, massively marketed, thoroughly branded, and extremely expensive series of sporting events is coming to your town. This is not it.

From Saturday January 24 to February 14 2009, InCUBATE and in-city artist-in-residence Anne Elizabeth Moore will host a series of games called the Unlympics. The Unlympics will consist of real sports, fake sports, and things that aren’t sports at all—plus serve as a meeting ground to discuss the implications of our city hosting the Olympic Games in 2016. (Although it’s seven years off, the city submits a final bid on February 2, 2009.)

Indoor and outdoor games will be held throughout the city and open to all participants. (An in-progress schedule is here: games will be all-ages. Approximately half of the events will be free. So far we’re planning: opening ceremonies, winter kickball, fashion, karaoke, spelling, running, and math games. Perhaps most importantly, each day of events—or, if we have a very high demand, each event—will have a sponsor. Sponsors will present the games, distribute relevant literature, provide statistics, give arguments—or solicit participation in their own relevant organizations. Sponsorships will be extended to anyone with any stake or interest in the Chicago 2016 Olympic bid. Anyone: Pro, con, or otherwise.

The purpose of the Unlympics will be to encourage active dialogue—at times, extremely active dialogue—around the Chicago 2016 Olympic bid.

So how can you participate, you’re surely asking yourself?

SPONSOR—prepare a lecture, some materials, and present your work to a captive, engaged audience!
COMPETE—come on out and participate. Play to win, play to lose, or just play to play. It’ll be fun!
JUDGE—determine the winner of one of our judged events. You make the call of who is the right one to win!
VOLUNTEER—we’ll need event helpers, people to make medals, water servers—or whatever you want!
WATCH—come on down during the festivities and root for your favorite participant!

We’ll be holding weekly planning sessions starting Wednesday, January 21. If you’d like to sponsor a game, please send an email to: In the mean time, you can:
– Join the mailing list at
– Register your opinion in our ongoing poll:
– Or get in touch right away to sponsor an event!

Get ready, Chicago!


Anne Elizabeth Moore
for the Unlympics Organizing Committee